Frequently Asked Questions Asbestos

Q: If I am asbestos certified in another state can I do work in California?

Yes, as long as you take a Cal/OSHA approved 8-hour refresher class in California prior to doing any work.

Q: Do I have to take an 8-hour refresher class every year?

Yes, you must be current to do any work. If you wait two years you will have to take the initial class over again.

Q: Do I have to add anything to my contractor’s license to do asbestos work in California?

Yes, you have to add the C22 designation to your contractor’s license and submit a Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) registration form with the ACRU. Check the Frequently Asked DOSH ACRU Questions at DNA Industrial Hygiene.

Q: How do I become DOSH certified?

Contact Dan Napier at 800-644-1924 EXT. 103 or or go to

Q: If I have my certification as an asbestos worker can I become a supervisor by going to training for only one more day?

No, you have to take the entire Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor initial training.

Q: If I am trained as an Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor can I do the work?

Yes, if you have an Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor certification, but if you have the Asbestos Worker training you cannot be the Supervisor on the job.

Q:As a maintenance worker, what type of training do I need?

Asbestos Operations and Maintenance (16 hours). This will allow you to remove up to a glovebag full.

Q:Who needs asbestos awareness training?

Anyone working in a building that has been determined to have asbestos containing material. For example cleaning staff, building maintenance, or building engineering.

Q:If I am doing lead abatement in a state owned building, do I have to be certified?

Yes, if you are doing work in a building where children may be present you have to be certified by a CDPH approved school. You must have DHS training for any residential or public building lead abatement work.

Q:Do I have to take continuing education training every year?

For CDPH, you only have to have continuing education every other year, but you have to send $75 to the California Department of Health Services every year on your birthday. To comply with DOSH CalOSHA you must take a refresher training course every year.

Q:How can I find out where to take lead based paint training?

You can go to CDPH’s web site and see the list of approved training providers.

Q:Who has to take the state exam in order to become certified?

Everyone except the worker. You can go to and get the details.

Q:Can I take the Supervisor State exam in Spanish?

Yes, sí tu puedes!

Q:Do I have to fill out an application for my renewal?

Yes, the CDPH license expires on your birthday, so apply before your birthday.

Q:What do I do if I have lost my DHS card?

Send a letter to CDPH’s certification unit and request another card.

Q:Do I need to send a special form to OSHA?

Yes, you need to send this form to your local DOSH CalOSHA Office. The notice must be sent 24 hours hours befor the work starts. See 1532.1 (p) for more details.

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